Welcome to the Life and Art of Bryan

Bryan Friedland is a Jerusalem artist, actor, and singer with high-functioning autism.

Friedland turned to art in its many forms as a means of artistic and personal expression, which helped facilitate communication with the outside world. His works depict his personal perception of the world around him.

In this book, Dreaming, Friedland utilizes drawings and free text to convey an extraordinary way of observing the world.

In addition to creating art and singing, Brian regularly plays roles in musicals at the Hebrew University's "Beit Hillel" Theater.

Born in the United States in 1983, Bryan emigrated to Israel 27 years ago and it was here that he was first diagnosed as being on the autism spectrum. He lives in an independent living apartment directed by SHEKEL – Inclusion for People with Disabilities – an organization enabling inclusion for many thousands of Israelis with various disabilities in every facet of daily living. Bryan works in designing and producing handcrafted decorative candles at one of SHEKEL's skill-orientated studios and production lines. 

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